Hillary Douden

Legal Assistant

Hillary Douden

Hillary was born in Dallas and raised all over Texas, mainly Austin where she graduated from culinary school back in 2008. Hillary’s strong culinary background is driven by her interest in and passion for food and wine. A certified Level-2 Sommelier, she loves to travel whenever she can to explore regional cuisines and cultures.  

Hillary is blessed to have a close-knit family of foodies.  They all call her “Chef” because she ends up doing the majority of the cooking at frequent family gatherings. She also enjoys doing some personal chef work on the side and hosting large dinner parties in her home.

Hillary relocated to Houston where she got into the oil and gas business through a fellow wine lover. She traveled to Nigeria to propose ideas with the NNPC and worked alongside people that were involved in the response team for the BP oil spill.

Hillary lives with her fiancé, Benny, and their chihuahua, Sandy.  They are active and enjoy exercising daily to satisfy their priority to live a fit, healthy lifestyle.

Hillary has always followed her passions in life and lives by the words “nothing is impossible.”