Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorneys
Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorney

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Every year, motorists in Texas experience more than 14,000 serious injuries and 3,700 deaths on the road. Many of the most severe accidents occur in the Houston area. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to understand and protect your legal rights.

Are you a licensed, insured driver who was hit by an uninsured motorist?

Getting legal help for property damage claims

Property damage claims generally derive from damage done to your vehicle in an accident. To establish how much you may be entitled to, have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic right away. The other drivers’ insurance firm may be liable for your claim.

Getting legal help with personal injury claims

Following any type of vehicle accident, it’s vital to see a doctor for a complete evaluation. It may be weeks or even months before full symptoms arise. Seeing a doctor helps establish the total costs of care you may require, which your lawyer can use in pursuing a settlement.

Were you caught driving without insurance?

What to do next

An uninsured motorist in Texas is at a significant legal disadvantage. When you do not have insurance, other drivers may seek compensation directly from you after an accident. Do not make any statements to other drivers or insurance firms. Seek help from an attorney right away so your legal team can take over all communications.

Common defense options

Uninsured motorist accidents can be defended in many ways. In general, the best defense is to demonstrate another person’s actions or inactions were key factors leading to an accident. Environmental factors such as weather or mechanical failure may also play a role.

How a lawyer can help

An uninsured motorist attorney can mitigate the fallout from your accident and uninsured status by crafting a defense and protecting you from unscrupulous adversaries, especially other drivers’ insurers. These companies have high-powered legal teams that often seek to intimidate and confuse defendants into accepting agreements against their best interests.

Are you an uninsured motorist who’s been in an accident?

Hit and Run Uninsured Motorist

If you left the scene, you’ll likely be charged with hit and run and driving without insurance; a lawyer can help. Your mental state and motivations when you left the scene may provide opportunities to develop a defense and counteract the typical plaintiff claim that you were seeking to avoid responsibility.

Personal Injury Uninsured Motorist

If someone was injured or perhaps even killed in the accident, a lawyer can help you construct a defense that may help you prove that extenuating circumstances, such as another person’s carelessness or recklessness, were in play. This can change the dynamics of a case and reduce the amount others may be able to seek in damages against you.

Car accident compensation can vary dramatically depending on the circumstances. No matter whether you are a victim or may have contributed to an accident, it’s essential to speak to a car injury lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Nguyen & Chen for expert assistance.